About JSR Construction

JSR Construction Pte Ltd was established in early 2012. Since then, we have been actively involved in the tenders and constructions of all sorts of temporary facilities works such as temporary site offices building from pre-fabricated steel members coupled with imported sandwich panels from Taiwan & China.

In JSR, we are committed in bringing the best of our designs for the good use to our clients. Constantly sourcing our resources and looking back to fine-tune the imperfections that we may have met so as to achieve the right and proper budgets, requirements for all relevant projects.

We also possess a wealthy support of sub-contractors, whom we trust and turn every projects into smiles, which we pride ourselves of these achievements.

Other projects we undertake also includes, temporary facilities such as sub stations, dormitories, shelters, canteens and on site facilities. We have completed many drains, road openings and general earthing works.

We will continue to strive to build good relations, resources and continue our fruitful journey together.

  Proactive Safety Planning
  Our work stands the test of time
  Motivated, highly-trained experts committed to their work

JSR Mission

We strive to provide the most comprehensive, quick and economical housing solutions through our strong and dedicated management. We also strive to meet the needs and comply to local regulatory laws and requirements and remain a sustainable and rewarding career with client turned friends company with our sincerity, our expertise, our passion.

We Care

Considering charity works, we have set aside time and funds to donate on a regular basis to give back to society and the less fortunate. Where work and family is concerned, we hold functions for our staff to communicate and allow them to mingle with their family members as a gesture of showing that we value the importance of kinship.



Our Team

Picture of Ben Chew

Ben Chew

Managing Director

Picture of Charisse Foo

Charisse Foo

Finance Controller

Picture of Gladys Chew

Gladys Chew

HR/Admin Manager